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Latest company news about The poetry of luxury stone resonating with nature

The poetry of luxury stone resonating with nature

  -   Real texture life home Is to break the boundaries Boldly explore new   The luxury stone with great aesthetic tension breaks out of the same format and creates art in the unchanging life. Originated from stone, better than stone, copper marble always maintains the original appearance of real stone, removes its dross, and refines the details.     Poetry invites the scenery, but also embodies the state of mind. The life system extended by high-end luxury stones can talk to nature, and can also entertain oneself to the fullest. -   Environment artist .   Nature is the most advanced environment artist The fall of high-end luxury stone Become the strongest assist for the story unfolding in the future   The space is combined by sunlight and luxury stones into a flowing field under the command of quality environment in harmony Here life is enriched and very fresh variable       Vibrant natural talent Prosperous with brocade carved tone imagine in possible dimensions To concretize mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, thousands of valleys and thousands of rocks The scenery of the four seasons with wonderful mountains and beautiful waters     Elegant gray, gorgeous gold, the combination of two pairs makes a king fried Growth lines are vigorous and powerful, cool and elegant half sophisticated, half luxurious   Quickly grasp the hard core of fashion Modern atmosphere, cultural heritage The fashion experience and life attitude of quality life home It is self-evident     The beauty of luxurious and elegant shape like living in the landscape In terms of spatial extension and spiritual connotation become a context for puns Directly reach the world that yearns for natural purity in the depths of the heart   High-level life texture in the design pen Build without relying on sensationalism The real low-key hidden master It is the exquisiteness of writing details     BOLI copper donamita Natural luxury   Looking at the whole from a distance: Gray gold marble, 10 layouts, majestic. The stone pattern is natural and generous, and the eyes are full of luxury.     Close to quality: Every line is precisely embedded in it, as if growing from within, precise and luxurious.   Boli has a special liking for the texture of stone. The fracture surface of the stone has been processed by design texture. The natural pattern restores the real appearance of the stone. The rough texture has a wild and unique charm. Touching it seems to make people feel like they are on the cliff. In between, the space has a quiet artistic sense in the wildness of nature.   ■ Nature inspiration     Copper donamita marble is hard in texture, with a calm, dignified, and thick tone. It uses techniques such as dry granulation, spray glaze, and engraved glaze to create a surface with fine texture, soft light, and changes. The texture that permeates the base is like growing out of a stone. There are folds, hidden and powerful.   Majestic grandeur, low-key luxury is synonymous with copper donamita marble, which is written into the time texture of every moment together, and then refined into a 365-day taste declaration.     From stone, better than stone. The magnificent luxury stone inspired by nature is integrated with luster and elegant materials, and the mottled texture is exposed, falling into the figurative decoration of the world. Being in your own size and intersecting with the larger world is the charm of real stone glaze.   —       — END —
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Latest company news about Teach you how to handle the high-beauty living room easily

Teach you how to handle the high-beauty living room easily

  - The living room is not only a place for family members to stay at home for leisure activities, but also has the functions of meeting guests and working. It is the proper C-position face in the family.     The decoration style of the living room is determined, which basically establishes the overall decoration style direction. At present, people's lifestyle is rich, creating different decoration styles. The living room is no longer limited to the development direction of the traditional model, and the derivative style collocation is diverse.   4 matching styles, 1 home with high beauty value to share with you.   01 Advanced heavy color system -   ▲Living room · BOLI Copper donamita   Simple and heavy color system can best reflect fashion taste. The whole space is dominated by black, white and gray, and the layout tone is handsome and free. The floor tiles are dark and black, which is like the vast sea of stars in the night sky. The color gamut texture of sofa tables, chairs and wall panels is integrated to echo the main color of the space.   The dark background wall tends to be commercialized, which makes the space more masculine and cool. The beige sofa makes the space separate from the feeling of being too hard and relaxed; Different materials, different textures and unified colors, without complicated and trivial existence, have a very personality.   ▲Living room · BOLI Copper donamita   The boulevard is simple, and you can feel the charm of architectural space with a few strokes. The light grey floor tile has more flexibility than the dark black system, and the dark body blocks surround the living room to enhance the sense of space power. The pure and simple structural form weakens the sense of confinement brought by small area, and the overall rationality is very practical.   ▲Living room · BOLI Copper donamita   02 Warm cream wind -   At present, the very popular creamy style is an extension of the modern simple style. It pays more attention to clean and direct details. The color matching is between beige and cream coffee. Low saturation is easier to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, so it is popular with young people.     ▲Living room · BOLI Marmorino   With warm gray as the basic tone, choose a large area of uniform paving to form a romantic sweet feeling in the whole space, and match the simple and personalized sofa tables and chairs, which are clean, experienced and high-level.   The combination of creamy wind and modern simple wind can evolve into creamy silent wind, creamy log wind, etc., presenting a creamy low-key and gentle effect. Large-area micro-cement tiles with small-area woodiness are like sunlight and fallen leaves, creating harmonious beauty in the overall home environment.   ▲Living room · BOLI Marmorino   ▲Living room · BOLI Marmorino   03 Wabi-Sabi Microcement -   The minimalist style has been deeply engraved in the hearts of contemporary people. The simple and self-tonal Zen style of color matching is the expression of self-spiritual pursuit and demand release, interpreting the simplicity and elegance of simple and quiet things.   The "naked" color of micro-cement runs through the space, conveying the characteristics of quiet nature in a rough, sad and beautiful manner.     ▲Living room · BOLI Tuscania   Neutral tone and texture together create this very charming space.   The warm gray floor tile " Tuscania " cement has a rich texture, and after fine polishing, the clear and refreshing texture presents a quiet and stable polished surface, which makes the space emit an intriguing temperature; The selection of flower art of Jingfeng is more fresh and elegant than that of conventional ones, which mainly reflects different charm through slender flower branches.     ▲Living room · BOLI Tuscania   04 Modern simplicity - earth color -   The temperature of the home is infiltrated into the design details, and the tolerance of the body and mind is displayed in the gentle colors. The modern simple style with warm color system as the main style is especially comfortable, comfortable, natural and harmonious.   The whole space is paved with gray-yellow "Novalux", with wood decorative panel wall decoration, alternating shades of home decoration, and different materials to manipulate and filter light, making people more impressive; Visually, the body feels light, making the flat floor more simple and warm, and the space is fashionable and atmospheric.     ▲Living room · BOLI Novalux   The unified earth color can relax the residents' psychological feelings and enhance the emotional appeal of space in sense and vision; Smooth lines divide the space and elegantly interpret the simplicity of modernism.     ▲Living room · BOLI Novalux   Home must play the role of a haven. The attitude towards home is the attitude towards life. The style does not need to be deliberately created, as long as the way and temperament are right, it will be natural to form a unique atmosphere of the residence.    
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